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Coldplay: Free Show @ MSG

Le sigh – Yet another goodie happening for when I’m living la vida abroad.

Coldplay has announced a FREE show at MSG on Monday, June 23rd in support of their forthcoming album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Starting today, stay on top of the band’s site for details on how to win tickets to the free show. Also, check their site for a free download of their first single, “Violet Hill.” Me likeys.

“Violet Hill” from album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends by Coldplay (06.17.08)

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Dolphins Do Dance!

Last night was a big night in sports…(well, in my world).

First off, a quick little message to NBA Commissioner, David Stern: Gimme a break Dave. $25K fine on Paul Pierce for a ‘menacing gesture’ in Game 3 this past Saturday??!!??? What was Hawks rookie, Horford doing??!! Oh no, all eyes were shut when straight up taunting in Pierce’s face was going down. No T and no fine. ….. and yet, when asked to define “menacing gesture” last night in Game 4, Mr. Stern you could not give a definitive answer. Etymology my arse, and well, I’ve got a menacing gesture of my own to you, Dave! <insert imagination here> Also, PS. Can ya throw some dollas to ATL’s Philips arena for a working shot clock and buzzer, I think basketball fans, coaches and players alike would greatly appreciate it. (Ya’ll had an entire day and half to fix it, but still needed to rely on a manual horn last night; perhaps the $25K can go to working equipment in NBA arenas fund.) Thank you in advance!

Secondly, Miami Dolphins’ Defensive End, Jason Taylor brought “football to the ballroom” last night, proving suited-up dolphins do dance! Scoring a convincing 29 of 30 points in the Quick Step below:

and a 26 of 30 points in the Paso Doble to the appropriate Monday Night Football theme… Who woulda thunk this would be played in a dance competition?! See him in Dolphin colors here:

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High Fidelity…in Shanghai

According to movie insiders, John Cusack of American Film classics fame, ie. High Fidelity, Say Anything and Being John Malkovich was spotted last weekend in a Shanghai nightclub, MAO, after a long day’s shoot for the upcoming flick, creatively entitled, Shanghai.

About the Film: An American man returns to a corrupt, Japanese-occupied Shanghai in 1941, four months before Pearl Harbor and discovers that his friend has been killed. While investigating the murder, he falls for the Gong Li character and uncovers a secret that his own government is hiding.

Release Date: Christmas Day, 2008.

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Fun Facts on April 28th

Exactly two years ago – I was deep in the concerts and events/music world; and I mean DEEP.

Exactly one year ago – I was miserably toiling away in the advertising world.

Exactly two months ago – I officially left New York. WOW! This is the longest I’ve been away from the big city! (and they said I wouldn’t last….)

Exactly one month ago – I left Boston for Miami.

“Time is free, but priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.” – H. Mackay


Approximately one month from today, I will be giving it a another last-hurrah in the big city.

Approximately two months from today, I will be aboard a Shanghai-bound plane.

andddd lastly, bday shout-out to my bro, J today!!

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917 vs. 305

I’m a 917 baby all the way!!

In my umm “going on 5th week” stay here in the MIA, I’ve conjured up a laundry list-full of reasons why I can not see myself residing here:

1. It is seemingly no longer a territory of the US of A; consider it Cuba Part Deux.

2. I am consistently approached en espanol, “Tu hablas espanol?” … NOT even being asked in English!

3. Despite my “No” reply to the above question, the speaker will continue on conversation with me en espanol. (That is universal code for me to just smile – depending on mood – and walk away…..)

4. (Customer) Service of any kind is non-existent. God forbid they perform their job and answer consumer inquiries and/or provide some service. (that’s a shout out to all Home Depot employees and various tile and marble stores down here)

5. …and when service just so happens to appear, (supposed) knowledge/expertise of craft is zippo. I believe the sun is culprit for the death of brain cells here.

6. Punctuality is zilch. They run on their own time with full-day siestas at their whim.

7. Drivers.. omg… Drivers are MADDDDD. Down right KERRR-AZY drivers who believe they are in the Indie 500 while on the Dolphin (Expressway). I have never witnessed so many car accidents in a single day than down here, not to mention how many number of cars blown up in flames – all in one day!

8. I come to find out that FL state regulations do not have any annual mandatory car inspections as they do up north; This explains why so many cars are being driven around down here without full frontal (bumpers etc.). Sometimes I wonder, what’s keeping their engines in tact.

9. Nightlife is plastic… and greasy.

10. …and ya wonder why the 2000 Election did what it did.

Now, there are some UPsides:

1. Weather is fabulously impeccable. Deciding on what to wear and wardrobe management is super easy.

2. A “Call a Cab” potion from Wet Willies on Ocean Drive + South Beach combo is fab-U-lous! (and best consumed first thing in the morning on a beach day excursion, and it will make the Top 10 above all the more bearable)

In saying all of the above, you can imagine how much joy and pride it brings me to recite my phone number to folks down here as they do a triple-take upon the “917″ intro.. “Yes, that is NINE, ONE, SEVEN… from New York, where people speak English and the nuts and bolts of brain components are screwed on tighter and just overall, things run much more on point.”

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Because I miss Union Square…

Union Square is where it all started for me back in the ’99. Good ol’ Union Square West; terrace looking out onto 16th Street where Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex and the City gang once shut down for days of filming. (Ahhh my newbie days! Thank you, NYU) …. And from there, I marched up to a couple of apartments in the Gramercy/Murray Hill and Grand Central/Midtown areas only to find myself back down to the East Village for my last place of dwelling in the city (last, for now, maybe)… just minutes away from the U. The full circle, as that is life. The U will always be my hub-a-dub-dub.

Anyway I received an email the other day from a friend who’s friend (yeah 3rd degree like that) who put together a :30sec spot for MoveOn.org’s ad contest – “Obama in 30 seconds.” Check it out below, I think it’s kind of neat…and well it’s set in Union Square – how could you go wrong? and oh, feel free to vote for it if you feel impelled to, as since the top 5 ads with the highest number of votes will receive national airplay and the producer of the spot (the friend of a friend) has pledged to donate a $20K equipment prize to a local Brooklyn public school if selected. Here it is, “Spell Change” in the square I heart…

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Today, April 22nd = Earth Day. With all “Go Green” reminders to save our one sweet world being thrown around every which way we turn (and yes, we should be putting into action!), I’d also like to bring to light, a Green reminder to the NBA Playoffs. Yup, we’re in it already! Game 2 of Eastern Conference Quarter Finals vs. Atlanta Hawks is set on Wednesday, April 23rd at 8PM EST. Green leads series 1-0… GO GREEN!!

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Lifestyle on the Rise

As you are all aware, I’m slated to hit up Shanghai to teach for a year. But of course, I can’t – and won’t – be teaching 24/7. So, what am I going to do with myself during my non-scholastic hours? (or look to do?) Dive into the Far Eastern lifestyle, of course!

Here’s a peek from our friends at Current TV featuring Shanghai-based lifestyle marketer Phil Dorman, as he takes us from Shenzhen to Shanghai to Beijing – uncovering China’s obsession with brands by looking at how affluent Chinese youth today are choosing to express themselves through fashion, nightlife and sports.

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Guilty Pleasures… found on a Treadmill!

I’m not one to be all so tuned into stupid celebrity gossip on the norm (though, some may regard as “news” – sorry if I do offend), but here’s something that I am ready to admit…

While within the wall confines of a gym, there is something brilliant that takes over me… (drum roll….)

Treadmill with personal TV attached! Brilliant! Brilliant!

I find myself drawn to this piece of equipment as soon as I step foot as since it is the only time I allow myself to dive into my surfaced-guilty pleasure side of E! News, True Hollywood Stories, Access Hollywood, MTV True Life, Made, America’s Next Top Model and the likes. Damn that Tyra and model-wannabees!

But that’s all I got for now… because.. you guessed it… I’m off to pump some iron!

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Young at Heart will Fix You

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now, and have finally gotten around to it. This past weekend, CBS Morning Show brought forth a reminder to me of a segment that featured inspiring individuals of YOUNG@HEART, a New England senior citizens chorus that has delighted audiences worldwide with their covers of songs by everyone from The Bee Gees to Coldplay.

Though I have yet to view the full documentary, this clip is a glimpse of its touching impact. The performer here is Fred Knittle, who suffers from congestive heart failure. This song was initially intended to be a duet between Fred and another chorus member, Bob Salvini. But sadly, Bob passed away of a heart attack a few days before they day of performance and it was left to Fred to carry the song on his own. Here it is, one of my faves, “Fix You” by Coldplay.

and the Coldplay original…

“Fix You” from album, X&Y by Coldplay (06.07.05)

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