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Music Is…

“Music is Love in Search of a Word. “

- Sidney Lanier, Poet


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3 of My Faves in 1: SAADIQ, D’ANGELO & Q-TIP

OMG!!!  SAADIQ, D’ANGELO & Q-TIP Present: LYNWOOD ROSE. Click here for tracklisting and here for the direct DL. WOW!!!  “I Found My Smile Again” – D’Angelo :-D

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Rockin’ Rapids on Long Jing River

SHOOOOOOPER FUN!! While we were a bit disappointed that they didn’t allow for us to bring in Lisa’s waterproof camera, we were in for a treat with countless paparazzi that awaited us at different sections of the almost 2 hour ride!!  Of course, being the foreigners, we had to act all crazy n’ ish… :o )

Enjoy! because I surely did! :-D





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And lastly…trekked up for amazing views of Long Sheng Dragon Back Rice Terraces!

PS. Kim, our unsung hero, unfortunately had a lil “misstep” coming off of our tour bus upon return to Guilin – which granted her the title of “Kimmy Gimpler.” She’s the one you see carried up the mountain as the ABC Princess that she is…


Me likeys this one; it’s kinda Van Gogh-esque…



Because ABC’s from NYC ROCK:


Full picture reel:

VIDEO: Long Sheng Dragon Back Terraces

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Picking up from where I left off previous…..


More bamboo rafting, cormorant fishing (super cool), a visit to a “minority group” in countryside: “Zhuang people” and a few flicks of Guilin & Yanghshuo@ night…



VIDEO: Cormorant Fishing – A traditional mode of fishing in China that involves the use of cormorants (bird type) to catch fish. The cormorants are tethered with rings round the base of their necks, catch the fish and then coughs the fishies up for the fishermen…. Gotta check this out! (fun commentaries included, of course)

The Zhuang Tribe….



And the full video reel:

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Lovely trip down to the southside!  Personally, I was quite excited for this lil’ trip as Guilin is the closest that I’ll be going to, in relation to the general area of which my family originated from. Guilin is said to be about 4 hours away from the actual village area where my parents were brought up in — still on my checklist…..

Anyhoots…. this trip was relatively, awesomely relaxing, just taking in the visual splendors that China has to offer. People and guide books kept talking about “the mountains.” And it really wasn’t until I got there when I really understood what all the rave was all about. These mountains were quite unique in their own right… almost looking like certain body parts.. but I’ll let ya’ll decide after checking out the flicks and vids…


Cruised down Lijiang River to take in the stunning views of karst topography between Guilin and Yangshuo….. checked a local village, steered/rode on a bamboo raft and got in touch with my roots – worked in a rice paddy… yup.. definitely China!

Here are a few selects if you’re pressed for time:

Guilin is featured on the back of 20 dolla holla in Yuan:


This one is called “the goat.” Can you see the two horns and tail?


“Nine Horses” Erosion. Do you see all 9?


Couple of my faves with reflection:


My roots:


My turn:



This is what it felt like:


I assumed my role of Huckleberry Lin (thanks JC!!)


The crew:


Alright, enough with the teases… here’s the full reel for all my hardcore stalkers, I mean fans :o ) ..

And now some video:

VIDEO 1: Rice Paddy, Water Buffaloes and Karst Mountains in Yangshuo

VIDEO 2: Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo – I Steer!!

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MAX is Back… with Black!

First, sorry for the delay. I got this goodie last week and couldn’t give it a proper post because I was on my way out the door for my trip to Guilin/Yangshuo — absolutely beautiful views… and funditty fun rafting on rapids adventure — pics, soon come!!

Second, (and to the matter at hand,) I gotta give props to my good, good holmes, Anthony (miss you Mayor! We need a General/Mayor meeting upon my return!) for being the first to give me tip on the 1st single, “Pretty Wings,” from the long-awaited and much-anticipated, upcoming trilogy-album, Black Summers’ Night – from one of my favorite flavs -  soul crooner, Maxwell!

Max and I go way back to July  ’96 with his guest appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell Show. (Yeah, I never thought I’d ever mention the RO EVER in my blog either, but just had to with this release.) With school out of session in the summertime, I recall sitting in the living room with my older bro, D, just flipping thru channels, and probably with the selection between Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Rosie O’Donnell, we settled with the latter. And good thing we did! It was on that fateful day where I met Maxie-boy…with my bro recalling, till this very day, my reaction: “Wow! What a good interview!”  (LOL! — D, that was for you!… And apparently, I was a media critic back then, too! HA!) Now, I have NO recollection of why I thought it was such “a good interview,” but I’m sure I had good reason. (If youtube worked in this part of the world right now, I’d do a search… but le sigh… I’m blocked, so will have to remember to check it when I head back stateside this summer.)  And then later…. Max won over more hearts performing his 2nd single, “Ascension,”  from his classic debut album, Urban Hang Suite.

Since that moment, I had become a fan… and soon after, a fantatic. And, might I add, Embrya is a much slept-on album!!! I can go on and on with the time I saw him live at Roseland Ballroom (NYC) with Alicia Keys as opener — yes, opener! “No one knew her name” back then. Or when that one show was not enough, and I bought a ticket to head home to Boston a couple nights later to check him with another one of my faves, Res as opener. Or when I used the  instrumental Intro track, “The Urban Theme” to “remix” as a project for my Studio Production elective at NYU. (LOL!! Ahh, my homette, Michelle was my partner. I’m pretty sure we got an “A.”… “pshh, pshh, whooh, cha!!”) Or when I decided to transform and bless my little common area in my Midtown East apartment, as the  “urban hang suite” aka perfect chillax spot – decked out with framed records and artwork that I had collected from music biz work, subwoofer etc.  (good times w/ cinderz!) Or when he showed up at the infamous Arista/Outkast party and got ridiculously “happy” with the rest of us. Or seeing him out n’ about on those awesomely random nights of NYC. Ahhh gooood times!

Anyhoots, after much rumor of the last few years of studio releasing… the time has FINALLY come!

Download the first single, “Pretty Wings” from his upcoming first of three albums released over the course of the next 3 years, starting with BLACK on July 7, 2009, (hence, trilogy) Black Summers’ Night here:

And again, Big Gracias to Ant for the video tip… cuz while the single took a couple listens for me, the video didn’t and most definitely made me like the song even more …. check it!! Enjoy!

“Sumthin’ Sumthin” from album, Urban Hang Suite by   Maxwell (04. 02. 96)

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