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Down at the Cape (Cod)

Here’s a shot of the Cape from my lil mini trip last week…


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Louis Vuitton: Where Will Life Take You?

Introducing Louis Vuitton’s first TV ad, recently filmed in a few spots that I visited this past year: Hong Kong, Guilin and Yangshuo…… Beautifully shot!! Take a peek:

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Minding Michael: Stellar Tribute to the King of Pop

Man, I am still shook with the passing of MJ. So, as is everyone else, I’ve been digging my collection of MJ’ness… and was also greeted in my inbox with a SUPERB MJ TRIBUTE MIX done up by one of my favorite, most down-to-earth, talented DJ’s, Qool Marv! It brings me distinct pleasure to be messenger for his super fresh (J) 5 part mix:

Minding Michael Part One: A Good Time

Minding Michael Part Two: Dreamer

Minding Michael Part Three: Grab Your Belt Buckle/Music’s Taking Over

Minding Michael Part Four: Stick with Us and We’ll Show You How to Smile

Minding Michael Part Five: The Angels

Download the full mix here!! Trust me on this one! WOW! INCREDIBLE GEMS!!! This mix answers the question of why I love MJ!!

. . don’t burn the day. .