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Summer of ’09


After fun times hiatus of summer shenanigans in the States, IIIIIII’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Of course, I have a worthy explanation for my delinquency in blogging, and to put point blank: I just never had the time to recap while I was actually living it all and taking in the quality moments shared amongst family and friends for my whirlwind summer spent in Boston, NY and San Diego.

Rather than bore you with every lil’ minute detail of my “summer vacation,” I’ll share with you general impressions made while gallivanting the land of the free, with my most precious folks….


Upon initial landing, (as I’ve mentioned before,) I found it quite awkward as if I had never left. Some things had changed, but much had remained the same….and Walmart, to me, was better than ever! (Personal space and no one to “help” by harassing with all sorts of random products that I would have no use for, as they do in the ‘Hai.) But, quickly, I became crazed as per usual with familial gatherings and all sorts. I am very fortunate to have such grounding in my life. Siblings flew in to reunite, to reminisce and to create new memories under the influence of food and drink – that’s what it’s all about! I realized that no matter how many years I rack up on age, I’ll most certainly remain young at heart – thanks to the balanced art of being the youngest of 13 while holding up and on as an adult with something to offer to greater society. (Yeah, that sounds about right.)

Conversations with parents and grandmother became more detailed as since I had some tangibles to relate to. They are (and I know I’ve said this before) truly, hands down – brilliantly bold, self-sacrificing individuals.


Now here was/is the biggie. I always knew my return to Gotham City would be the clincher to how much living a life abroad would have an effect on me, if any. And it SURELY DID! Cutting to the chase – I got extremely excited as per usual, closing in on the NYC skyline ….. and was immediately overwhelmed upon landing. Overall, my time was super funderful with some of my bestest buds….but I quickly realized that I could, in fact, live outside of NYC and be OK with it. Big, big, BIG revelation! It was no longer the end-all, be-all; A city that I poured sooooo much of heart, energy and soul into…. is now, a place filled with fast-paced, skilled walkers, stuck-ups and noise. Not to say that Shanghai isn’t loud nor filled with people crashing into one another… but NYC is a different beast. A beast in which I still have a special place for in mi corazon, but for different reasons now. I heart my friends, creative conversations, the artistic energy, memories and chill walks in the various, cultured neighborhoods, but to live the hustle…. I *think I can do without. (But who knows.. if really put on the spot, I can probably muster up few ounces of hustle in me…. Ha!) But seriously, Thank You and I Still Love You, New York…. just through a different set of lenses…

San Diego

The surprise trip of the year… and a pleasant one at that! I had said prior to leaving NY/States ..that when I returned to the States, IF I were to return to live in NYC.. I’d do Brooklyn for sure… but I’d also be open to perhaps the west coast.. San Francisco in particular. Not that I’ve ever been there, but from heresay, all folks have convinced me that I’d assimilate quite easily to the Bay lifestyle….but now SD has randomly popped into the mix.. Delightful city with a lil bit of everything for all folks of different flavors….lil’ bit o’ culture, lil’ bit o’ neighborhood, lil’ bit o’ downtown, lil’ bit o’ adventure, lil’ bit o’ chill and some really lovely beach fronts… I had myself a super splendid time with wonderful hosts who I somehow managed to recruit via my travels – wonderful hosts who’ve quickly turned into awesome BFF’s!

That’s about the gist of it all folks… It was undoubtedly super splendid to see many of you this past summer, and I apologize for those I didn’t get to meet up with! Ya’ll are still in my thoughts! Thank you and Love you all! But I gotta sign off for now… until next time… when I catch ya’ll up on Round 2 in the ‘Hai!

. . don’t burn the day. .