Alright folks, the consequences of living in a country that prides itself in its Big Brother’ness has seriously struck. As many (if not all of you know), the popular link in which you and the rest of the world accesses so freely to watch video clips (no actuals to mention) has been on the “4bid’den” list since errr earlier this year in March.

Next, since the “hooplah” brought on in the northwest region earlier in July, the popular social networking site, who’s logo is blue/white has also been added onto that aforementioned list.

Since then, there certainly have been alternative routes to circumvent the “Great Wall of Fire” (move those words around), thereby frustrated expats haven’t been too bothered by it since they’ve somehow found to seek refuge via these methods. (moi included)

But nowwwwwwww, Big Bro has gotten mightier with his fist of wallfire – backwards (perhaps, in prep for the big 60 birfday of Big Bro on the 1st of Oct., where a parade of tanks will be showcased in T Square. Mmmm Hmmm.)

I say all this gibberish to inform ya’ll that…… I’ve been stripped of my blue/white logo: social networking liberties!!! Soooo, the best way to get at me is via email, msn (general public here uses alotta msn messaging so it’s ok), aim,, and duh… phone. (Though, today I found out that a couple months back, the Bro had 4′bid oogle with a G, for 3 whole days!!! Crazy talk, but REAL talk.) Yowzah!!

So, please keep the forms of comm’unications in mind (get it? COMM’? … ha!) when lookin’ for little ol’ me and my response time… until I get a chance to be MacGyver-like and fix this bump in the road…. but I won’t be able to do this till mid Oct’ish when I return from my trip to Tai to da Pei!

K, enough blabber.

. . don’t burn the day. .


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