Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Sooooo I’ve for surely taken full advantage of my newfound recreational time: gym, occasional ultimate frisbee, weekly new restaurant discoveries with my SH Fam, Sunday Brunch deal finds, the arts, movies, live music (I really wanna build on this, this year: I saw a pretty cool Swiss/Chinese Mash Jazz band the other night, called Sonic Calligraphy: Thumbs Up esp since they performed one of my faves, “Summertime” by George Gershwin…. ) and …… reading!

Nate the Roomie (avid reader) and I have agreed upon a 2-person book club! …and it’s the coolest, most freshest 2-person book club ever!! (ha!)

Book One = EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE by Jonathan Safran Foer

Nate had first read this and suggested the book to me, despite admitting to how depressing and sad the story is. Yeah, go figure. But the premise of the story intrigued me enough:

Nine-year old, Oskar has a wonderful relationship with his father; one of their favorite games was a sort’ve scavenger/treasure hunt where the father would leave clues around for Oskar to detect and eventually unfold it’s mysterious treasure. One day, the father reveals a new kind of scavenger hunt in which he leaves no clues, though “no” clues could still be a clue; this of course, leaves little Oskar bewildered not knowing if anything was a clue or not.. and only receiving a shoulder shrug + smile combo from his father whenever he questioned if a certain something was a clue or not. Then…………. his father passed in the 9/11 WTC Attack, leaving Oskar devastated and also relentless in uncovering what this last treasure could be. One evening, Oskar finds a beautifully shaped blue vase on top of father’s closet in father’s room. Inside its vase is a plain envelope with the word, “BLACK” written on its outside, and an odd-looking key inside. Oskar racks his brain and decides that this key could belong to someone by the last name of “Black,” thereby, uncovering its treasure. He then, takes out a NYC phone book and starts to track down each and every “Black” in the NYC area from A to Z…….. knocking on each person’s door…….. and ………. the story unfolds magnificently ….. where you’re guaranteed to find it hard to put the book down! (I did!)

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