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Just 3 hours on the road outside of Shanghai is an awesomely calming, bamboo forest retreat area of Moganshan. (“shan” means “mountain”)

Fun Factoid! =¬†Famed film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was filmed in Moganshan.

Over the last couple years, this has become quite the hot spot for mini weekend getaways from the hustle and bustle of the ‘Hai life. While there are a good handful of lodging spots spaced out in the Moganshan area, we opted for a brand new spot called, Prodigy Outdoor, and came out BEYOND satisfied with our experience with them. ¬†From super dee duperly courteous, helpful and smiling staff,… to uber clean and comfortable facilities,… to a great variety of fresh and delicious home-made dishes at every meal,… to beautiful, lush bamboo greenery all around us, to… refreshing calmness all around us, Prodigy gets a thumbs up!!!

We received roundtrip transfer Shanghai-Moganshan (3 hour each way) + lodging + meals… all for a total of roughly $100usd from Friday night to Sunday late afternoon. Plus, we (myself, Wan Hing and Brittany) lucked out in that a 20-person traveling group had a last minute cancel, which allowed for us to have our own room – that was designed to fit 10 people total…. That was an uber score for us!!

Check some flicks:

Outside our balcony…


Various patches of bamboo were marked off by family names/owners:

Our guide dog, “Happy”…

I’m practicing my fighting moves with bamboo stick, just in case some crouching tigers and/or hidden dragons attack..

All of our meals looked a lil’ something like this!

Then, back to the wilderness where we ran into a herd of goats!!

But I fought them off with my guns…. LOL!

And here’s the full reel for your enjoyment! :-)

. . don’t burn the day. .


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