Expo Taxi

Since around February 2010, they’ve been looming the ‘Hai streets, boasting its green/yellow/white shiny’ness and I FINALLY got to ride in one of these “expo taxis” a few weeks back.

First, let’s rewind back to August 11, 2008 when I had posted an entry entitled “Color Coded Cabs 101.” Back when I had just arrived, I was given a quick run down on which colored taxi vehicle would be least likely to rip me off…and just as I had dutifully noted, I wanted to share with the readers of web, with hopes of helping ¬†other ‘Hai travelers too.

Now, two years later, with the ooh la la World Expo (personally, I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about the Expo here) underway, the ‘Hai has unveiled the “Expo Taxi.” ¬†This ride is SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH, with built-in navigators and interiors smelling of “brand spankin new car leather.”

Though this does not mean that the reds, blues, whites, yellows, greens and teals are not around… we’ve just got more and “improved” taxis to take on the demand of the expected 70 million visitors from now thru end of October.

For more info on how the ‘Hai is “training” local taxi drivers to provide “better customer service” to passengers, watch the clip here. Though….. I still think this city has a bit wayyyys to go with its overall customer service overhaul…

. . don’t burn the day. .


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