Green Fever in the Hai

Sooooooooooo it’s NBA Playoffs and Finals season and my boys are in it; which means, I get super dee duperly emotionally invested in these games to the point where it influences my daily mood. For instance, last week in Games 4 and 5 of Celtics vs. Orlando, I remained pretty annoyed and pissy throughout the week for games which I had thought were going to go the Green Team’s way.

Anyhoots, with a guy roommate who happens to be a basketball fanatic, Nate found out that we’re able to watch the games live in Shanghai time right in the comforts of our own apartment via sports channel, CCTV-5!  SUPER AWESOME news as I was able to catch 2 playoff games on tv. Kinda weird having to hear commentators in Mandarin, but after a bit, my ears innately train themselves to tune out the Mandarin and fine tune itself to hear the arena announcers. Here’s a couple shots from the end of the Eastern Conference Finals: (you’ll have to excuse the glare from our balcony)…..

. . don’t burn the day. .


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