Wow. I’m a blogger. I still pinch myself over the mere thought of this, but alas I have taken the plunge and have joined the ranks of many other freedom of speech’ers here in the virtual world as a bona fide b-l-o-g-g-e-r. Whoo! I have figured, with the wide range of topics I touch upon in my day-to-day dealings and meanderings amongst the most varied walks of life, I suppose that it can’t hurt to have my experiences archived. After all, there is seemingly just never a dull moment…

Let’s first start off with a little bit of background as I think this will set the stage for my ramblings and let you know why I have opted for this mic anyway. Now, let’s be real. I am easily regarded by my peers as the quintessential New Yorker aka alwayssuperinundatedonthegowithallsortsofplacestogothingstodoandpeopletosee.

Did you get that? Ok, here is the breakdown:

always-super-inundated-on-the-go-with-all-sorts-of-places-to-go-things-to-do -and-people-to-see.

So, despite having a role within the marketing field, even I was confused at the advent of “blogging” – often criticizing ala “Who in the world has time to sit and record their own ramblings, let alone read another person’s mumbo jumbo?!?!” This, I just could not understand. Blogging equaled superfluous…And now look, after being harassed by peers to start one to “keep in touch,” I am one of them.

I guess I’ve finally come to a mental state where I am able to consciously decline the pressures of physically being at all sorts of everywhere with all sorts of everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT regret my past nor feel as if I could’ve/should’ve/would’ve done it any other way. (One thing that does remain constant that I believe deserves credit, is my ability to move forward with what “I” want to do – at all times.) And if anything, I would do it up again all the same!!

But with all that said, as my snapshot-bio so defines, I’m Boston-Born, New York-Grown and Globally-Warmed. Simply, I’ve grown…and outgrown. And the birth of this blog comes at a time as I wrap up life in the big city that has provided me with oh so much over the course of nine years, especially self-development. And I invite you to join me as I whisk through my remaining time here in the city that I’ve not only grown in but have grown so much in love with.

What next? I backtrack to my born-city, only to ready for the next best thing to NYC. That is, the globe! First stop, the motherland -  Shanghai, China!

So there you have it. Stage is set. Floodlights are on. Mic is in hand. Welcome to my candid forum of personal reflections, realizations and reactions to adventures – past, present and future…

. . don’t burn the day. .

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